Underwear Pack

Underwear Pack

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Underwear Pack provides outfit essentials
when a standard bra just isn’t an option!
The range offers backless, strapless and
convenient fashion accessories; in both
disposable and reusable variants.

Fashion tape

Keep your clothes in place with the UnderWhere? Fashion Tape. Ideal for low cut and backless clothing, UnderWhere? Fashion Tape secures clothing in place, whilst leaving a discreet and crease-free finish. To be worn as an outfit essential when a bra just isn't an option!

Dispense your chosen amount of tape, then place firmly onto the area of skin you require your clothing to sit and remove the backing paper. Ensure your skin is free from any oils or moisturisers before applying.


Stick on bra

The UnderWhere? Stick On Bra sits discreetly under clothing, protecting your modesty and giving you confidence when you need it most. A great solution for strapless and backless dresses. To be worn as an outfit essential when a bra just isn't an option!

Simply trim the bra down where necessary. Please make sure the skin is clean, dry & free from any oil, cream or moisturisers before applying. Position the bra where required and remove the adhesive protector. Smooth the bra down to the skin starting from the bottom, middle section and working outwards. To remove, slowly peel away from the edges. If you feel any discomfort when removing the bra, soak the whole area with soapy water to ease removal. Dispose of in normal household waste. Each stick on bra is for single use.


Nipple daisies

Create a smooth line under clothing with the UnderWhere? Disposable Nipple Daisies. The lightweight, self-adhesive cover sits discreetly under clothing to create a smooth appearance under backless and low cut clothing. To be worn as an outfit essential when a bra just isn't an option!

Wash over the breast area before use and dry thoroughly. Don’t use talc or moisturisers prior to applying the nipple daisies. Remove the adhesive protector and place over the nipple making sure any creases are smoothed out.