How to make your Lipstick last all day.

How to make your lipstick stay all day, AND be comfortable whilst doing so!

Making lipstick last is one of the hardest things to do.

We constantly have to reapply throughout the day which is not only annoying, but it's wasting product! We all know matte liquid lipstick formula's are made to last, but the compromise in having a non-budge lipstick can sometimes be comfort.

Here are 5 steps to making sure you lock in that lipstick, whilst being comfortable all at once!


Our lips don't naturally stay soft and smooth, especially during the winter when we're plagued with seasonal dryness. Using a lip exfoliator, such as our favourite Sugar Lip Scrub, will create a hydrated and smooth surface for any lipstick to adhere to.


Apply a light coating of your favourite lip balm to hydrate your lips. A hydrating lip balm can act as a primer to help make your lipstick last much longer. You can also use a hydrating lip primer for this step too.


Use a Lip Liner to define the shape of your lips, whether you want to over-line, or just enhance your own shape, lip liner acts as a great base for making that lipstick stay all day. Make sure you fill in some of your lips too, not just the outline. If you want to add some extra dimension to your lip colour use a shade darker lip liner to your lipstick.


Apply your favourite lipstick, whether that be a Matte Liquid Lipstick, or a Cream Sheen Lipstick, apply it all over the lips and then make sure to blot! Use a tissue and lightly blot away the excess. This will leave you with full coverage lips without too much product.


It's common knowledge that creamy, sheen finish lipsticks don't last as well as Matte lipsticks. A great way to making those Sheer & Sheen lipsticks stay in place all day is powdering your lips! This may sound weird, but it isn't. Take a tissue, place it over your lips, get a brush with some translucent powder, and tap the powder over the tissue on your lips. This will matte down your lipstick, without covering your lips in powder and making them all dry,

Let us know if you know any other hacks & steps to making lipstick last all day.